Ever wish you could catch the water from a rainy day and save it to water your garden on a hot, dry one? Well, you can! Rain barrels are an easy and cost-effective way of storing rainwater. They are usually a 50+ gallon plastic food-grade barrel that are installed into your house’s downspout. Near the bottom of the barrel is a spigot with a hose attachment to easily use the water. Rain barrels are smartly designed to prevent overflow, contamination by debris or animals, and mosquitoes from entering them to use as a breeding area.

You get to save water, and prevent stormwater drains from being overloaded with a sudden influx of runoff that can collect harmful can collect harmful chemicals and debris.

Learn more about rain barrels from Julius Kolawole, president and co-founder of the African Alliance of Rhode Island at the Wilson Community Garden (Wilson St. & Gilmore St.) Wednesday May 23 6-7pm, which just received a newly installed rain barrel courtesy of Casa Buena Builders! Click here to preregister.